Large Unglazed Moroccan Cooking Tagine 13" Diameter

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Tagines have been North Africa's slow cooker for centuries. The conical shape lends itself to desert living. As food cooks and steam rises it has time to cool, condense, and trickle back down into the tagine's deep, bottom dish conserving precious moisture and enhancing flavours.
For cooking one has a choice of glazed terra cotta or unglazed clay. Some chefs swear by the unglazed versions as they feel that with subsequent use flavours build and give back into future dishes, similar to cast iron pans.
This listing is for our large sized version of one of these unglazed clay tagines.
This size would feed 6 people comfortably.

Dimensions-10″ tall x 13″ in diameter

Tagines are both delicate and bulky, consequently we are not prepared to ship them
You are always welcome to come and pick one up personally at the warehouse. Be sure to phone first to make sure someone is there to meet you.[416 436 7143]

We specialize in tagines and the warehouse is full of various styles and sizes