About Us

Haven Furnishings specializes in an eclectic and affordable collection of Moroccan tagines, lanterns, tea glasses, mirrors and other décor. For the last 20 years, Haven has been one of the main go-to places in Toronto for anyone wanting authentic, traditional Moroccan and North African items.

The work sold at Haven has been sourced directly by us. We have developed deep relationships with independent artisans in and around the Marrakech and Fez Medinas.

Complimenting North Africa’s handmade works are unique and traditional musical instruments from around the world.  Djembes, sentirs, talking drums and zokras are only some of the many pieces to be had.  Stocked as well are traditional textiles such as the Moroccan kilms, Indonesion ikat and West African mud cloths.

Come and visit the warehouse and find yourself transplanted into your own souk experience.